The Network of Healthy Communities EDUCAP Community Center will be inaugurated in the Complexo do Alemão Community this Saturday, May 10, 2012

The Union of Democratic Space, Living, Learning and Prevention (EDUCAP), in partnership with the Center for Health Promotion (CEDAPS), will inaugurate their new community headquarters on Saturday, March 10, 2012 in the Complexo do Alemão Community, a favela in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro. The community center aims to provide programs that will promote health and human rights.

The community center will include a Community Library which will hold reading groups for youth in addition to lending books. The space will also house the Center for the Promotion of Sexual and Reproductive Health, a program which provides condoms and informational materials about STDs and HIV/AIDS. In addition, the community center will house the Network of Health Promoting Adolescents (RAP Health), a program of the Municipal Department of Health and Civil Defense of Rio de Janeiro (SMSDC). Educating for Change which strives to promote adult literacy will also reside in the community center.

The community center will serve as the new community headquarters for EDUCAP and the company, Planeta Container Soluções Sustentáveis (Container Planet – Sustainable Solutions), in partnership with the architect, Franklin Iriarte. The sustainable construction was carried out by the British Embassy in cooperation with Brazilian communities.

The Network of Healthy Communities of the State of Rio de Janeiro has worked in partnership with CEDAPS since 2003. EDUCAP is part of the Project Turn Health and Sustainability, developed by CEDAPS and the Complexo do Alemão Community in partnership with URBES/PAC Social and with strategic support from the GE Foundation. EDUCAP is part of the Local Networks of the Platform of Urban Centers, a UNICEF initiative.
Chaired by Lúcia Cabral, EDUCAP was founded on March 8, 2008 by residents of the Complexo do Alemão Community. Lúcia began her career as an adolescent when she taught 80 adults how to read after a full day of study and work. For her, the inauguration of this community center is the realization of a dream: “The community center came about from the desire to teach children and adults to read and write. And while I am working with EDUCAP, all who come will be taken care of.”

Founded in 1993, the mission of the Center for Health Promotion, CEDAPS, is to strengthen society, creating solutions to challenges in disadvantaged communities, territórios populares, and generating spaces for social participation. The Center considers health a fundamental human right, one that should exist equally among all citizens. CEDAPS focuses on health promotion with the goals of building a healthy society that allows everyone to have equal access to education, safe housing, peace and security, food, employment and income, clean air, water and sanitation, transportation, protection for the young and elderly, recreational and cultural activities, information, community participation, and health services.

During the inauguration of the community center, CEDAPS will be represented by Kátia Edmundo, Executive Coordinator of CEDAPS.

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